We’re One of the Industry’s Most Trusted Heat Treating Services Companies

Quality Steel Treating has been one of the industry’s most trusted heat treating services companies since 1946. We offer expertise working with a wide range of metals and alloys; experience heat treating a variety of large and small equipment, components and parts; and proficiency in meeting the most exacting technical specifications and quality standards.

Looking for Heat Treating Services Companies You Can Trust?

Some of the world’s largest aerospace and power generation OEMs trust Quality Steel Treating to perform heat treating on their most important metal components. We offer a wide range of metal treating services to ensure quality, consistency and durability. These include:

  • Heat Treating
  • Brazing
  • Aging + Curing
  • Annealing
  • Degassing
  • Hardening
  • Normalizing
  • Solution Heat Treating
Success Stories

Metal Heat Treating Improves Tool & Die Parts and Components

Quality Steel Treating’s heat treating services help companies to create tools and dies that not only perform to top standards, but that also resist cracking and wear during repeated use. We are proficient in applying nitriding, bright hardening and other…

Metal Heat Treating & Brazing Strengthen Marine Equipment

Whether your products are found in the deepest recesses of the ocean, or on a fishing boat in a recreational lake, Quality Steel Treating will ensure your metal products are treated to withstand the corrosive conditions of the marine environment….

Magnetic Shielding Equipment Requires Precision Metal Processing

We know that the magnetic shielding our customers produce is comprised of highly expensive alloys and metal components. That’s one reason our metallurgists and craftsmen practice a get-the-job-right-the-first-time philosophy. Our ability to deliver consistently flawless treatments is why we’re a…

Construction Equipment Leverages Metal Heat Treating & Brazing to Improve Durability

At Quality Steel Treating, we provide heat treating and brazing services that will ensure your products are built to last. From leak-tight joints to clean and bright assemblies, our staff is focused on achieving metallurgic consistency and delivering quick turnarounds….

Metal Heat Treatment Improves Technology Components

At Quality Steel Treating, we are proud of our ability to provide precision work to the most exacting specifications. Our heat treatment services enhance high-tech components, while adhering to the strict treatment requirements and assembly specifications demanded by the computer…

Heat Treatment Improves Performance of Automotive Parts

Located in the auto racing capital of the world, Indianapolis, Indiana, Quality Steel Treating helps companies create faster, harder working, more aerodynamic vehicles and automotive parts. We leverage our vast experience working with jet engines and high-performance aircraft to be…

Aerospace Industry Uses Heat Treating to Improve Durability of Metal Equipment

Quality Steel Treating understands the sensitive and vital nature of the aerospace and defense industry. Manufacturing and repairing aircraft and defense systems is an exacting science, and we understand that every component treated must fulfill a highly specialized function. All…

Agriculture Industry Leverages Heat Treating Reduce Wear-and-Tear on Metal Equipment

Agriculture and food producers are as reliant on well-made equipment as they are on raw goods to succeed in a highly competitive market. At Quality Steel Treating, we focus on providing our customers who manufacture equipment for the agriculture and…

QST Successfully Removes Hydrogen from Titanium Wingspans for Aerospace OEM

CHALLENGE: A leading aerospace company needed to remove hydrogen from its Titanium wingspans. Because excess hydrogen has the potential to cause hydrogen embrittlement that can lead to microscopic cracks, the company chose Quality Steel Treating as its partner in developing…

QST Strengthens Scaffolding for Construction Equipment Manufacturer

CHALLENGE: When a scaffolding manufacturer wanted to simplify production while improving the safety and reliability of its product, the company contacted Quality Steel Treating for advice. Because of the location and type of joint on its scaffolding, welding the assembly…

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