Construction Equipment Leverages Metal Heat Treating & Brazing to Improve Durability

At Quality Steel Treating, we provide heat treating and brazing services that will ensure your products are built to last. From leak-tight joints to clean and bright assemblies, our staff is focused on achieving metallurgic consistency and delivering quick turnarounds.

Equipment and parts we’ve heat treated for the construction industry include:
• Bleacher components
• Casters
• Hardware and Fixtures
• Ladder, Railing and Stair components
• Rotor Assemblies
• Scaffolding components
• Steel Frames
• Staking
• Tools
• Work Bench components

In producing equipment for the construction industry, we know the goals of your products are straightforward, but demanding: they must provide top-notch safety, lasting durability and unquestionable function. Maintaining our ISO certifications is just one small way we help you reach these goals. Before any part comes through our doors, we will not only carefully examine your specifications, but we will also gain a full understanding of the product’s overall purpose and the unique requirements it must meet to be a marketable success.

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