Agriculture Industry Leverages Heat Treating Reduce Wear-and-Tear on Metal Equipment

Agriculture and food producers are as reliant on well-made equipment as they are on raw goods to succeed in a highly competitive market. At Quality Steel Treating, we focus on providing our customers who manufacture equipment for the agriculture and food industry with the most affordable, abrasion-resistant heat treatments and brazing options. We treat our customers’ equipment so that it can endure punishing environmental conditions, withstand corrosive substances, perform repeated cycles without breakage or wear and meet rigorous industry standards.

Creating the right equipment starts with superior metals and components. From high chrome and stainless steel to medium-grade carbon steel, we have the expertise to properly handle the metals you use to create dies, pellet mills, or other products.

Parts we’ve heat treated for the agriculture and food industry:
• Coolers
• Crumblers
• Dies and Roller Shells
• Flaking Mills
• Pellet Mills
• Steam Chambers

We will respect the confidentiality of your processes, whether you’re focused on providing equipment for crop or oilseed production and milling, food service, livestock and domestic animal feed production, or wood processing. Our highly skilled staff and certifications guarantee we’ll help you manufacture industrial equipment that produces safe, uniform quality outcomes.

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